Crazy as a coconut’s’ inception began in the playground of our eldest sons Harvey and Will’s 3 year old kinder. Two working mum’s wanting to create a successful business to provide a happy and healthy life for our beautiful families.

Alex and Danni; avid coconut oil users for everything, from eating on it’s own, cooking, moisturising, to nappy rash and much much more. We quickly realised that there was a huge gap in the market with packaging in a convenient ready to use, on the go scenario – e.g nappy bags, hand bags, travel bags, gym bags.

We spent the next 12 months researching and developing the best way to package coconut oil in a easy convenient way. We created our mascot Cooper the coconut to generate a brand attracting all walks of life.

After trying a couple of options with different sized smaller jars. Due to the unique characteristics of coconut oil transferring from sold to liquid state at 23 degrees Celsius we found to accommodate all climates the best way to package the oil was in sachet form.

From here we have spent the last 12 months investigating how we could make this a reality whilst developing our brand. This brings us to where we are today! Now having individual portion size coconut oil sachets available for purchase.

From one little amazing idea and the launch of our sachets, Crazy as a coconut is looking forward to introducing to you a new and exciting range of coconut oil products with our mascot Cooper the Coconut putting his crazy spin on the universal love of coconut oil. Stay tuned for our new product launches coming soon and be sure to follow Coopers weekly blog on our website, Facebook and instagram.

All About Cooper

Cooper has searched far and wide to find the most fresh organically grown wild harvested coconuts with the least amount of processing so that the natural vitamins, antioxidants and fresh coconut essence are retained. Our extra virgin coconut oil is is not refined, deodorised or bleached and produced without the use of pesticides, GMO’s and lexane. Crazy As A Coconut products are perfect for your beauty regime, babies needs, animal health and so much more.