_DSC0100By Alex Graf – 15th April 2016

Being a new mother can be daunting to say the least! Use this, buy that, make sure you have this!

Well, CRAZY As A Coconut oil 10ml sachets spawned from this overwhelming stage of life, called motherhood.

We knew coconut oil was good for so so many things, for us mummies and our cherubs however with coconut oils’ unique characteristics turning from a solid state to liquid over 23 degrees, it made it so hard to have an emergency dose of the wonder oil on hand when needed most!!

I still remember standing in the kinder carpark with my business partner Danni and both of us saying “SACHETS, SACHETS WOULD MAKE LIFE SO MUCH EASIER!” Danni and I acted like we just stumbled upon a winning tatts ticket; and so our year long, sometimes helpless, torturous mission began, to bring our idea to life!!!!!

Here our our top uses for coconut oil for all you mums and bubs out there!

1. STRECTH MARKS – Yes it is a reality but coconut oil is the best natural product out there to regenerate the skin, bring back the elasticity and suppleness of skin. Nourishing and fading stretch marks, all whilst dreaming of being on a tropical beach, even though you are in the bathroom, after having a 2 minute shower worrying “why is it so quiet, are my children burning the house down?” (we all deserve at least 2 minutes of fantasising each day)

2. BUILDING YOUR MILK SUPPLY WHILE BREASTFEEDING – Your body demands so many more nutrients and help whilst breast feeding, lauric acid found in coconut oil is also naturally occurring in breast milk, by consuming 1 x 10ml Sachet a day you will replenish your body and build a healthy milk supply by consuming nutrient dense coconut oil. Healthy boobies healthy babies!! Bottle feeding mummas you are not left out, adding a touch of coconut oil in formula will give you babies a great kick start in life. I would suggest 1/3 of a sachet 3 times a day, 1 x 10ml sachet in total per day. (Please consult you health care professional before adding coconut oil to formula)

3. CRACKED NIPPLES (EEEEEEEEK STILL REMEMBER THE PAIN!) – I tried so many potions and creams, granted my cracked sore nipples only lasted the first 5 weeks but it felt like a lifetime!!! Coconut oil was the only thing I could use for bub to still latch afterwards. All the so called creams saying all natural, blah, blah, blah! , are not so natural when you look closely at all the stabilisers and additives in the ingredients to give a longer shelf life. The beauty of coconut oil is being an anti-inflammatory, (Soothing and relieving instantly) antibacterial, (preventing any infections) anti fungal and anti viral, it is a self protected product that lasts for years and does not need any added extras to give it that long shelf life. Coconut oil is that BLOODY AMAZING!!

4. BOOSTING ENERGY, FIRING UP METABOLISM AND AIDING WEIGHT LOSS – We all know motherhood especially early stages makes you feel you could sleep standing up but if you have a cheeky sachet on hand it can work wonders! Afternoon slump hits, usually you go for the biscuit or a pick me up! Fear no more by eating a sachet you balance your insulin levels, fire up you metabolism and kick those sugar cravings in the butt!!! I have a sachet in my coffee in the morning (breastfeeding mums take note, can be added to decaf or your favourite tea) to fire up my metabolism and then another in the afternoon when I usually get hungry and want to pick before dinner. It really helps and is a natural hunger buster, you will be amazed!!!!

5. CIRCUMCISION HEALING – Ok I know this is a touchy subject but Danni and I have 5 boys between us!!! 5 boys that have had the snip (BURN THE WITCH AT THE STAKE!! We hear you chant. HE HE!!) Not so pleasant but I assure you they are healthy well adjusted boys, with no trauma or fear of knives! It is a regime of keeping the area clean and tidy and changing gauze every nappy change (which we all know at the start is 100 times a day!) I found the best way to stop the gauze drying and sticking to there little willy wonkas was; you guessed it, COCONUT OIL !!!! It really was the best alternative to all the other chemical ridden creams they recommend. Plus the anti bacterial properties prevent any infection. ( P.S 5 Very healthy willys to date!!!!!)

6. BABY MASSAGE AND BABY BATH – To help your baby get into the routine of sleep most people recommend bath, massage, bottle, bed. Coconut oil can be added to the bath to soothe skin and give the skin all the right natural nutrients (Warning: When removing baby from bath, be sure to hold on tight, slippery suckers!) Massage and moisturise you bub with coconut oil afterwards, soothing milk rash and giving babies skin vital skin nourishment. A sachet would be perfect amount for a little in bath and the rest for massage and moisturising.

7. CRADLE CAP – Dry crusty skin on the top of bubs head, what the???? Well, all normal but the right treatment is needed. A warm bath, or warm face washer on the affected area, applying coconut oil helps soften and break down the dry skin which makes it easier to remove, gently brush out let it soften and disappear a whole lot quicker! Yep coconut oil is that good!!

8. NAPPY RASH – Coconut oil was the only thing that genuinely soothed those sore angry bot bots! I tried EVERYTHING!!! One would create a barrier but not soothe and dry out the skin. Another would temporarily soothe but not create a barrier so it would wear off too quickly! The wonder oil was the only thing that I felt comfortable constantly applying without the worry or constant chemical exposure to most creams out there. It also helped putting coconut oil on a wipe when the bot bot is so angry and sore, to ease the pain during nappy change time. Crazy As A Coconut oil sachets in your nappy bag, on hand anywhere any time is an absolute game changer!

9. TEETHING – Teething time also means sore bums and bad nappy rash! By applying a small amount of coconut oil on your bubs gum lines can help soothe inflammation and naturally ease the pain.

Anti bacterial/anti fungal/anti viral properties help with your bubs general, overall oral health too!

(Please seek your health professionals advice before implementing any new health regime using coconut oil)

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 _DSC0016Until next time,

Love & Coconuts!!!!!!!

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